United Minority Girls (UMG) is a group for minority girls to provide them with additional support as they consider college.

Many of the young women are first-generation Americans and/or possible first-generation college students. We recognize the extreme difficulty that comes with being the first in a family to go through the process of researching, considering & applying to college.

The purpose of this group is to provide girls with additional support such as: preparing to take the SAT & ACT tests and having discussions about college – what to look for, how to narrow your choices, public or private schools, etc. In addition, these girls participate in two college trips to visit four colleges each fall & spring.

Additional resources include:

  • Summer enrichment opportunities at colleges or in the community
  • Increased level of bonding as a peer group of young minority women facing the challenges of college admission
  • Assistance with college selection & applications in the fall of senior year
  • Individual counseling related to college applications, FAFSA assistance, scholarships & making final college decisions
  • Guest Speakers – former UMG members now in college or graduate school, as well as successful minority professional women

Meet the UMG Coordinators

Timothy Cotman

Equity & Excellence Coordinator,
Wakefield High School

Wendy Maitland

Resource Teacher,
Wakefield High School

Alan Beitler

Co-founder & Former Coordinator

Delores Bushong

Co-founder & Former Coordinator


Having a support system like UMG creates a dialogue & a safe space to talk about the fears & anxieties you have going into the college process.”

Rahel Bereket ’12

It is a support system that is so needed in a society that many times is telling you you’re not enough or that you don’t belong here.”

Kimberly Garcia ’15

I love programs like United Minority Girls because they provide a space where young girls feel like they belong.”

Isela Melendez-Carpio ’08

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